Revenge of the Gamer Chick

Welcome to the new home of one of the Internet's first sites related to women in roleplaying games.

My name is Beth Kinderman. I've been playing roleplaying games since 1998. I began this site in 2000 on Geocities after realizing the dearth of female gamers within the roleplaying hobby. My hope was that it would inspire and encourage women to give gaming a try, and educate men about the ways in which they can help to make our shared hobby more welcoming for all gamers. I feel that the site achieved its goals in a huge way, having seen tens of thousands of unique visitors, supported gamers of all genders and experience levels, earned a number of mentions in the media, forged long-lasting friendships between gamers around the world, and even served as the means through which I met my husband. It represents a particularly formative and crucial time in my life, during which I grew tremendously as a person and crystallized my personal philosophies and beliefs through the essays and the community of this site. For that, I will be forever grateful to RotGC's visitors and the members of the community that grew up to surround it.

Due to an assortment of real-life concerns, RotGC has been effectively a non-updated archive site since 2004. At this time, it is not my intention to revive the site with regular updates (though you never know when the spirit might move me to write something again...). However, following the shutdown of Geocities in October 2009, I decided it was still important to archive the most crucial parts of the site so that they could continue to reach gamers around the world. I'm not proud of everything I've written here, and my opinion has changed greatly about some of the topics I wrote about so passionately. All of the articles you see here are presented unedited from their original form, with only minor spelling and grammar edits as required. I can't continue to stand behind everything I've written here, and I apologize to anyone I may have unwittingly offended in my passionate and frequently ignorant teenage rage. I present these articles as historical snapshots of a particular moment in my life, with all the caveats that would entail.

I still roleplay at least one night every week, and frequently speak and present panels about gaming at science fiction conventions (maybe I'll see you at one someday - if you recognize me, say hi!). Though some old-time visitors may remember that I once identified myself as a writer, my focus has shifted to making geeky progressive/punk rock music inspired by science fiction, fantasy, horror - and yes, gaming too. I have found my true passion as the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist/bassist for Beth Kinderman & the Player Characters; we have released two CDs so far and perform frequently at coffee houses, bars, and sci-fi conventions around the Midwest. Music currently takes up most of the time that I used to devote to this website, and I like it that way. To learn more about what I've been up to since the days that I regularly updated this site, please feel free to visit my Livejournal, my band's website, my band's page on Myspace, or my band's page on Facebook.

Thank you for your continued interest in Revenge of the Gamer Chick. I hope that you find something of value here.

Beth Kinderman
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
October 20, 2009

Here is the content! w00t!

Essays on Gaming
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My Games and Characters
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The 100 Questions
(character development internet meme supreme - I can't believe this thing is still floating around)

(a decade's worth of lovingly preserved humorous quotations from games - still updated intermittently!)