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Quotes are organized by game and arranged roughly in reverse chronological order. Updates occur intermittently, so check back!

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Hunter: The Vigil (Project MONUMENT) Quotes - January 2009-present
A group of hunters based in Paris, France is sponsored by the mysterious SCP foundation in their crusade against fishermen, lumberjacks, mildew, and used car salesmen.
**UPDATED 02/28/2011**


Firefly Quotes - full version (warning: very large file) or best of - January 2007-December 2009
The crew of the Firefly-class ship Black Cat defends the 'Verse from bluehands, Reavers, organized crime, corrupt Alliance officials, and a metaplot totally not ripped off from Farscape.

Mage: The Awakening (Buffalo's Unfortunate) Quotes - June 2006-December 2008
Guardians of the Veil Ashe, Mulder, and Ptoncia take over the world with a frog army, killer death bees, and a classic Trans Am converted into a space shuttle.

Hunter: The Reckoning (Common Hope) Quotes - full version or best of - September 2004-March 2008
For nearly four years, Brie, Joe, Leah, and Mavenne alternated between battling the demon lord Ajboh and sitting around staring uncertainly at each other.

D&D (Berran) Quotes - April-August 2008
A few quotes from a short-lived D&D campaign in an original setting.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Quotes - full version (warning: very large file) or best of - September 2004-November 2006
A group of high school friends is reluctantly drawn into the fight against Alerion, True Demon of Self-Loathing.

Legendary Quotes - January-December 2005
Eric Z's homebrew campaign was pretty much the definition of Bad Wrong Fun, as well as the original implementation of Operation: Defile Their Holy Places.

Unknown Armies Quotes - September 2003-May 2004
The PCs are a New Inquisition team called the Cyanide Suppositories who get caught up in the attempted ascension of a new Child avatar, with limericks.

Mage: The Ascension (Cabal of Good Intentions) Quotes - March 2003-May 2004
Another huge cabal, another doomsday scenario, another assortment of jokes about robots and Jesus.

Vampire: The Masquerade Quotes - February-November 2003
A Paris-based coterie attempts to make a political name for itself, but is recurrently distracted by Stuttgart and fashion design.

Star Wars d20 Quotes - June-August 2003
I have never in my life laughed harder at anything than I did at this game, which is to say, you should read this.

Star Wars d6 Quotes - February-May 2003
Gamblers without any money, suicide bomber droids, and tanks filled with a clear liquid. Good times.

Hunter: The Reckoning (Thorson Imbued) Quotes - September 2002-May 2003
An enormous cast of hunters systematically kills every supernatural creature in Madison, Wisconsin. So much for my plot, huh?

Hunter: The Reckoning (Minneapolis Hunter-Net Cell) Quotes - full version or best of - October 2001-March 2003
This was the best game I ever played. Just read the quotes, okay?

Technocracy Chronicles Quotes - March-November 2002
The all-female group's second campaign together saw their characters confronting remarkably ineffectual Tradition mages, space Nephandi, and (more often than not) each other.

Mage: The Ascension (Prodigal Sorcerers) Quotes - full version or best of - March 2001-May 2002
An epic (?) tale of the war against the Nephandi, populated by a revolving door of wacky characters. Some of our funniest quotes came from this game.

Changeling: The Dreaming (Glamour & Strife) Quotes - April 2001-February 2002
An all-female gaming group bravely endures the first campaign I ever GM'd, which was full of cannibalism, monsters of the week, and hawt bishies.

Vampire: The Dark Ages Quotes - November 2000-March 2001
Little Laurel the vampire, why are you so full of hate? Also: the Holy Camel.

Mage: The Ascension (Dabu Six) Quotes - September 2000-February 2001
The first game that many of us played together brought us dubious joy in the form of "SOAK EIGHT AGG," Japanese castles, turning doors into cheese, and the opera house.